We can give our oceans new


Overfishing has wreaked havoc on our oceans.

If nothing changes, 80% of the world’s fisheries will be in deep trouble in less than 15 years.

We have an opportunity to restore our oceans, feed more people, and strengthen fishing communities.

Fishing contributes

260 million people around the world have fishing-related jobs.

3 billion people depend on fish for protein.

to the global gdp

Right now more than 845 Million people are facing direct health risks due to declining fish populations

Overfishing is a critical problem for all of us.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

New research and results from around the world show that we can recover global fisheries in our lifetime.

Drawing from the largest database on fisheries ever assembled, we have the most holistic view to date of the potential benefits of sustainable fishing and what changes are needed.

The results show that with sustainable fishing reforms, like secure fishing rights, recovery can happen quickly.

Most fisheries can
be healthy in just
We can have
And sustainably
feed an additional
more fish
in the ocean

You can join the fight to make this happen.

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